Where to eat Cafe food in Tomi: The Best Restaurants and Bars

June 11, 2021 Florencio Paulino

Best Cafe restaurants nearby. Discover the best Cafe food in Tomi. View Menus, Photos and Reviews for Cafe restaurants near you. including Atelier de Fromage Honten, Daidai Cafe, Local Bench, Mama's Cafe, Cafe Rue de Vin, Brown Rice Vegetarian Cafe Lohas, Avanzare, Sumireya, Fuwari, Momo Cafe

10. Momo Cafe

Otsu 2213 Shigeno, Tomi 389-0513 Nagano Prefecture Cafe +81 268-63-5186

9. Fuwari

1575-1 Kano, Tomi 389-0505 Nagano Prefecture Cafe Lunch, Dinner [email protected] +81 268-62-2569 http://fuwari-chiffon.com/

The Chiffon cake from “Fuwai” is based on carefully selected ingredients, and we started with the desire to make cakes that can be enjoyed by people with allergies. Using rice flour and rice oil, it is finished with just the power of meringue, moist, dust

8. Sumireya

6099-1 Kano, Tomi Nagano Prefecture Cafe +81 268-64-0013

Reviewed By kmm76631


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7. Avanzare

2075-5 Netsu, Tomi Nagano Prefecture Cafe +81 268-63-0230

Reviewed By skiin89ba


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6. Brown Rice Vegetarian Cafe Lohas

1626-3 Motonno, Tomi 389-0518 Nagano Prefecture Cafe +81 268-63-1666
Brown Rice Vegetarian Cafe Lohas

Reviewed By Departure807791

玄米のワンプレート♪いろいろな物がのっていてどれから食べようか悩んじゃいました^ ^もちもちの玄米&天ぷらはサクサクで美味しかったです。女子好みのお店だとおもいます!

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5. Cafe Rue de Vin

405 Netsu, Tomi Nagano Prefecture French, Cafe +81 268-71-5973
Cafe Rue de Vin

Reviewed By Ralph-NN


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4. Mama's Cafe

203 Tanaka, Tomi 389-0516 Nagano Prefecture Cafe Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner +81 268-63-6978
Mama's Cafe

Reviewed By power_n77


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3. Local Bench

950-3 Shigeno Otsu, Tomi Nagano Prefecture Cafe +81 268-62-5226

Reviewed By Hiroshi M

Very Small Bakery shop but they make the best bread!"Toscana" is fantastic and they make many other types of bread. They tend to sell out in the afternoon, Best time to go is around 11:00am . Little hard to find, but worth the trip to get the best bread

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2. Daidai Cafe

1071-3 Motounno, Tomi Nagano Prefecture Cafe +81 268-64-9847

Reviewed By LA4man

Connected with the Daidai Glass Studio, this is primarily a place for coffee or tea while shopping or strolling this historic street. That said, the service is friendly and efficient (this is, after all, Japan) and the chai tea we ordered came out quickly, in large portions, and a delicious taste. A good reason to stop is to go upstairs and enjoy the atmosphere of this cafe, and the historic open-beamed ceiling. When we go back to Unno we'll try more of the menu. This time we spend most of our money buying goods in the glass studio (quite beautiful!) so we weren't too focused on food.

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1. Atelier de Fromage Honten

504-6 Mihari, Tomi 389-0501 Nagano Prefecture Pizza, Cafe Lunch, Brunch Outdoor Seating, Free Off-Street Parking, Highchairs Available, Wheelchair Accessible, Accepts Credit Cards +81 268-64-2767 http://www.a-fromage.co.jp
Overall Ratings

4 based on 37 reviews

Atelier de Fromage Honten

Reviewed By goldendaejun146


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