Top 3 Pizza food in Changle County, Shandong, China

September 16, 2020 Darwin Bolte

Best Pizza restaurants nearby. Discover the best Pizza food in Changle County. View Menus, Photos and Reviews for Pizza restaurants near you. including Pizza Hut (TaiHua), Origus (TaiHua), HouYuan PiSa

1. Pizza Hut (TaiHua)

KuiWen District DongFeng East Street 360, ShiJi Tai Hua 1 Floor, Weifang China Pizza, Fast Food +86 536 823 5653

Reviewed By scot_tula

It is interesting to visit a US restaurant in a another country. For me the menu at the Chinese Pizza Hut is way better than the menu in a US Pizza Hut. There are just so many better pizza choices. The different pizzas were fine tasting and it offered a good diversion from other choices. However, I will likely not return as the prices compared to much better restaurants nearby are just too high.

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2. Origus (TaiHua)

WeiCheng District DongFeng East Street 360, Tai HuaXin TianDi 2 Floor, Weifang China Pizza, Fast Food +86 536 846 8866

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3. HouYuan PiSa

KuiWen District YuanXiao Street KaiXin PiJiuWu Back Yuan, Weifang China Pizza, Fast Food +86 186 6061 0537

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