Most Popular Chinese food in Taiyuan, Shanxi, China

October 2, 2019 Florencio Paulino

Discover Restaurants offering the best Chinese food in Taiyuan, Shanxi, China. Taiyuan (Chinese: 太原; pinyin: Tàiyuán [tʰâi.ɥɛ̌n], also known as Bīng (并), Jìnyáng (晋阳)) is the capital and largest city of Shanxi province in North China. It is one of the main manufacturing bases of China. Throughout its long history, Taiyuan was the capital or provisional capital of many dynasties in China, hence the name Lóngchéng (龙城, "Dragon City").
Things to do in Taiyuan

10. JinYang Restaurant Restaurant

Bing Zhou Road 1, Taiyuan China Chinese +86 351 404 3700

Reviewed By Peter G

Used the restaurant during our stay at this hotel. The food was excellent as was the service. Staff attentive yet discrete. We would definitely come again. (2009)

9. XiangYang YangTang Guan

WanBoLin District Qian Feng South Road 2, Qian Feng ShangWu Mansion 1 Floor, Taiyuan China Chinese

Reviewed By X2895QXpauls

Busy little restaurant off a main road in taiyuan specialising is lamb dishes and particularly lamb soup. Be prepared to wait in line for a table if you arrive before 9am as it is full of people grabbing breakfast before work. As a westerner I was hesitant to the flavor and quality this fast food place would offer but after the first sip of the soup I was hooked and went back again with the family 2 days later, this time ordering double lamb and double noodles (sweet potato). This soup is the perfect warming breakfast for a cold taiyuan winter morning and leaves you feeling satisfied.

8. Tang Dou ShengTai Yuan (PingYang Road)

PingYang Road 398, Taiyuan China Chinese Lunch, Dinner +86 351 702 5070
Tang Dou ShengTai Yuan (PingYang Road)

Reviewed By gilardoni

A quite unique concept: a dismissed warehouse has been transformed in a botanical garden with an open view kitchen where all the dishes are on display and you are pampered by the waitresses serving you delicious food (both meat and fish fresh) in a great surrounding.

7. FuRong Restaurant (ZhangFeng Jie)

ZhangFeng Jie TiYu NanLu Qin Xian Yuan, Taiyuan China Chinese +86 351 799 1080
FuRong Restaurant (ZhangFeng Jie)

Reviewed By XueyanD

the good: it's clean, open kitchen; among the best local specialities you can find in the province; good service; free wi-fithe bad: unfortunately people are allowed to smoke, and some people smoke like chimneys not considering those around them; they do, occasionally, play Kenny G as background music.overall one of the best restaurants I have been to in Taiyuan. I have eaten here already several times.

6. Longyuan Chinese Restaurant(Kempinski Hotel Taiyuan)

Kempinski Hotel Taiyuan, No.115-1 Changfeng Street, Taiyuan 030006 China Chinese Private Dining [email protected] +86 351 866 0432

Reviewed By ephesians5

Long Yuan Restaurant is located in the Hotel Kempinski. A member of our family has severe shellfish allergy. We couldn't find any local restaurants or fast food places near the hotel that could take care of shellfish allergy. We saw that the hotel's Chinese restaurant Long Yuan had shellfish items in the menu. It specializes in upscale Cantonese cuisine, but we were interested in the Shanxi cuisine in the menu. We spoke to the hostess to explain shellfish allergy and precautions required for food preparation and cooking. We were very impressed with the level of service of the staff to take care of our shellfish allergy. The hostess who was more fluent in English than the rest of the staff, took our order and personally went to the kitchen to explain and ensure that the chef and kitchen staff would take the necessary care of not cross-contaminating with any shellfish in the food preparation and cooking. The hostess brought our dishes herself.We were so delighted that we could savour some of the Shanxi province traditional dishes. We enjoyed so much the food the first night that we went for a second night. Shanxi province is known for their handmade noodles. Therefore, we ordered the Hand Made Tick Noodles and the Shredded noodles. We ordered the following dishes for our meals:Hand Make Tick Noodles: It was stir fried with tomato and eggs, which is a classic Shanxi dish. The flavour was subtle and balanced with the acidity of the tomato. Wok Fried Sliced Pork with onion and black fungus: Is another traditional Shanxi dish. We were impressed with this dish as the sliced pork was very tender and the black fungus gave a slippery and firm texture, which provided a nice contrast in texture. The flavour was complimented with sliced cucumber like vegetable with onion. Mixed Vegetable Shanxi Style: Beware for those who are looking for vegetarian dish. The name of the dish implies to be vegetarian, but we were surprised that this dish had pork belly and meatballs, with tofu, string beans, sliced black fungus and flat rice noodles cooked in a broth. The flavour was subtle but well complimented with all the ingredients. We enjoyed the flat rice noodles in the dish. This is a large and very filling dish.The Shredded noodle dish was simply stir fried with a brown sauce.The Pork Belly with starch dish was another surprise, as it was presented on a steam half a melon. The meat did not appear to be pork belly, but it was tender. Flavours were very subtle.Sliced noodle with clear chicken soup: This is a subtle flavoured dish with thicker flat wheat noodles that was softer in texture, complimented with sliced black fungus, red bell pepper, tofu and leafy vegetable. Overall, we enjoyed sampling the local food. Shanxi province is known for their noodles and aged black vinegar, which looks like balsamic with a different taste.For restaurant seating, there are different sized private rooms for groups. But for those smaller party will be seated at an open area on the third floor of the hotel overlooking the main floor.

5. HongBin Lou Roast Duck (JieFang)

JieFang Road 22, Taiyuan China Chinese, Xinjiang +86 351 202 7118

Reviewed By ginobobo

Reunioned with my old friends and we just choose this restaurant for a change.Actually,have heard a lot from parents generation that this one was really nice and a lot memory still can be recalled when there were not so many fancy restaurant once upon time. the specialty,Roast whole lamb,which you have to make a reservation in advance,was really really should not make this order unless you got 9 or 10 person.the skin was golden color,that was so crisp even you could hear the sound of first bite.The meat was extremely tender,two tastes remixed quiet well. Roast duck was also reconmended,and we have three different styles of eating.First,we had yummy duck meat;then ordered fried duck heart,which was delicious as expected;finally,we got duck soup as a finish.everyone was so satisfied that no one cared about extra calories at that moment.

4. XiaoChi Lin

YingZe District Chai Shi Alley, Taiyuan China Chinese

Reviewed By gongyuanfeng


3. HeDong Yi Xiang Ge

Qin Xian North Street 10, Taiyuan China Chinese +86 351 796 0888

Reviewed By gongyuanfeng


2. Paulaner Brauhaus Taiyuan

Kempinski Hotel Taiyuan, No.115-1 Changfeng Street Crossing of Changfeng Street and Changzhi Road, Taiyuan 030006 China Chinese, German, Barbecue, European Dinner Reservations [email protected] +86 351 866 0486
Overall Ratings

4 based on 13 reviews

Paulaner Brauhaus Taiyuan

Reviewed By ephesians5

In the middle of industrial Taiyuan, the Paulaner Brauhaus is a welcome change from the many Chinese offerings in this city and province, for that matter. Serving very competently prepared classic German cuisine in a relaxed setting, we definitely enjoyed our meal there.We ordered the Brauhauseplatte to share, and the quantity of food was more than enough for the two of us. Of particular note amongst the many elements in the meal was the pork knuckle, which is not always common in German restaurants: the skin was very nice and crunchy, although a bit hard to cut through, and the fat and meat underneath were beautifully moist and tender. As well, the sauerkraut was mildly brined, giving it a pleasant and not overpowering taste.Definitely recommended if you are every at the Kempinski Hotel Taiyuan.

The 10 Best Things to Do in Taiyuan, China

1. ShanXi HuiGuan (TaiYuan ShengLi East Street)

ShengLi DongJie Jia 3Hao, Taiyuan China Chinese, Asian Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Seating +86 351 327 8885
Overall Ratings

4 based on 36 reviews

Reviewed By uncle_albert5

We went for noodles, but ended up not getting them because there were so many other amazing food options! We ordered eggplant, peanuts, and pork for one dish, pork dumplings, and a dish of cauliflower with pork. I guess pork was our theme. We also ordered two beers. The whole time a nice woman hovered around us. She poured our beer, refreshed our hot water, brought us little appetizers of tofu, pickled items, popcorn and fruit. The food was SO GOOD! Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs, so we brought our food home for breakfast. Great service. Wonderful food. If we lived here, we'd go a lot.

Top 10 restaurants in Taiyuan, China

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