Best French food near Yamanashi, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan

May 4, 2021 Kaleigh Reichenbach

Reviews on French food in Yamanashi, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan including La Collina, Outlook Stardust Restaurant Gaia, Zelkova, Kaze, French Dining Ryu, Tembo Wine Restaurant

6. Tembo Wine Restaurant

5093 Hishiyama, Katsunumacho Budo no Oka, Koshu 409-1302 Yamanashi Prefecture French, European, Wine Bar +81 553-44-2111
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3 based on 23 reviews

Tembo Wine Restaurant

Reviewed By tensaisimon

It's on the 3rd floor, of the Budo no Oka's main hall, with a paranoma view. Western stylecrusines are provided. They have special set courses featuring grapes, but not always available, better check out in advance.

5. French Dining Ryu

595-1 Enzanakao, Koshu Yamanashi Prefecture French Lunch, Dinner +81 553-39-8668
French Dining Ryu

Reviewed By Guide803047


4. Kaze

2171 Katsunumacho Shimoiwasaki, Koshu 409-1313 Yamanashi Prefecture French Dinner +81 553-44-3315
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4 based on 34 reviews


Reviewed By Stephen T

Visited here for lunch on July 2nd with my wife and we were both impressed by the quality of the food, setting and service. The restaurant is located high up with nice views of local vineyards and surrounding hills and the interior is spacious and charming. We enjoyed a five course lunch, of which the roast beef and the rare cheesecake were the highlights, but all courses were excellent, served by friendly and informative staff. The chef comes to each table himself to carve the beef, which we thought was a nice touch. For wine lovers, there is a good selection of local wines, using the Koshu grape, by glass or bottle and there is a good selection of other drinks too. Very reasonable prices for such high standard and we are already looking forward to our next visit.

3. Zelkova

624 Minaminoro Ichinomiyacho, Fuefuki 405-0052 Yamanashi Prefecture French Lunch +81 553-47-4624
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4 based on 21 reviews


Reviewed By AndraYo

The chef chose a 'fruit' theme using fresh Yamanashi ingredients. The Trout Wrapped in Grape Leaves was excellent, although the shiso leaves overpowered the grape leaves. The Carrot Soup with Dried Grapes was very interesting, and as you can see from the pictures all the dishes were beautifully presented. Service was great and the atmosphere was very nice with great views, high ceilings, and beautiful stone fireplace.I had a glass of sparking Koshu wine by the glass. It had a very nice bouquet and wasn't too sweet. But the first dish was very sweet because of the plums and peaches that it detracted from the wine. A pity because the restaurant is located in the wine shoppe. By the end of the meal we were a little 'fruited' out.It is difficult to find, in the picture you can see the name Zelcova hidden the left, but from the road all you see is Le Chateau Lumiere.

2. Outlook Stardust Restaurant Gaia

1488 Ezohara, Yamanashi 405-0043 Yamanashi Prefecture French, International +81 553-39-8379
Outlook Stardust Restaurant Gaia

Reviewed By glowcave


Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan Food Guide: 10 Japanese food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Yamanashi

1. La Collina

1388 Ezohara, Yamanashi Yamanashi Prefecture French +81 553-22-8811
La Collina

Reviewed By mie-qoo


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