Best Chinese food near Mahajanga, Mahajanga Province, Madagascar

October 2, 2019 Giuseppe Pratt

Find out what Chinese restaurants to try in Mahajanga. Mahajanga [maːˈdzaŋɡə̥] (French: Majunga) is a city and an administrative district on the northwest coast of Madagascar.
Things to do in Mahajanga

1. The Coco Lodge Gourmet Restaurant

49 Avenue De France Hotel Coco Lodge, Mahajanga 401 Madagascar Chinese [email protected] +261 20 62 230 23

Reviewed By Nico453

Les plats sont bien servis et trés gouteux le zébu farcis au fois gras un délice à des prix trés résonable.

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2. Le Sampan d'Or

1 Rue Rigault, Mahajanga 401 Madagascar Chinese, Asian Dinner Reservations, Seating +261 62 223 79
Overall Ratings

2 based on 12 reviews

Le Sampan d'Or

Reviewed By Brenaj

Grimy place with scary grills over the windows. A typhoid-like ambience. There is one -- ONE -- thing on the menu that vegetarians can eat, fried rice, on a small, suspicious-looking chipped plate. It tasted good and there seemed to be nothing nefarious inside it as I didn't get sick, so if you are in the mood for Chinese do come here. Just don't look around too closely because the look of this place can really kill your appetite. 6,000 for fried rice.

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3. Longcheng Hotel & Restaurant

ExTranombarotra Roso, Majungabe, Mahajanga 401 Madagascar Chinese, Cafe, Fast Food, Asian, Taiwanese Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner +261 34 26 000 00
Longcheng Hotel & Restaurant

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