Anhui, China Food Guide: 6 Chinese food Must-Eat Restaurants & Street Food Stalls in Xiuning County

April 8, 2021 Layne Dawes

Find out what Chinese restaurants to try in Xiuning County including Zhuang Yuan Shi Fu, Long Hua Shi Fu, LaoJie DiYiLou, Mei Shi Ren Jia, Ting Yun Guan, XiangMing Hotel Restaurant

6. XiangMing Hotel Restaurant

TunXi District YingBin Avenue 2 3 Floor, Huangshan China Chinese +86 559 257 9999

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5. Ting Yun Guan

No.15 Huashan Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan 245000 China Chinese, Cafe Drinks Reservations [email protected] +86 559 251 5698
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4 based on 11 reviews

Ting Yun Guan

Reviewed By ceciliaxmzhang

I discovered Ting Yun a few years ago purely by accident! What a pleasure ever since whenever I visited Huangshan (the Yellow Mountain) again! The owner couple built this black and white traditional Anhui style architecture building under a cliff right on the riverside road of Xinan river, with a Zen style garden in front. They collected beautiful local Chinese antiques and furnitures, and provide various Chinese tea, imported coffee, Belgium and German beer, New Zealand ice-cream and imported wine. Fantastic atmosphere in a unique setting! The English speaking owner Laura is very helpful to make our stay enjoyable, and gave us all kinds of local knowledge of where to hike, eat, shop and village hopping in nearby Auhui countryside. It's really a hidden gem under Huangshan mountain! A must be place for travellers to taste true culture of Yellow mountain and Anhui. Will certainly come back and recommend any friends passing by Huangshan!

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4. Mei Shi Ren Jia

TunXi District TunXi Lao Street 247, Huangshan China Chinese, Asian Lunch, Dinner Seating, Takeout, Serves Alcohol, Table Service +86 559 251 2222
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4 based on 52 reviews

Reviewed By felixs735

Literally the best Chinese food I had in two months. You pick the raw ingredients and then it's kind of their mystery what they do with it. However, it's all very delicious, but a little too oily and salty. Service was also great.

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3. LaoJie DiYiLou

Lao Jie 245, Huangshan China Chinese, Asian Lunch, Dinner Reservations, Seating, Serves Alcohol, Takeout, Table Service +86 559 253 9797
Overall Ratings

4 based on 74 reviews

LaoJie DiYiLou

Reviewed By goyourownway

N29°42'37.9" E118°18'16.8" (WGS-84) Lonely Planet and Rough Guide consider this the best and most famous restaurant in Old Street, Tunxi District. It is spread over several dining areas, all replete with ornate stone carving, Qing-style furnishings and traditionally dressed staff. Always busy, the restaurant’s cuisine lives up to the decor, and choosing is made easier by the second-floor huicai buffet spread of every dish on the menu.This is de place to splash out on Huizhou delicacies. We looked at the huicai buffet in August 2017 and wrote down the five-digit number of our appetizing choices. We handed in our order not knowing exactly what we had ordered. It just looked great, but was it braised chicken or braised pork? Awaiting the surprise, we sat down with a beer.Like all Chinese restaurants, ordered dishes are not served together. We started with the first arrival and one by one, all dishes arrived. The dim sun was excellent, so was the fried pork and chicken dish. The open-face fish was nice, although small fish bones made eating a cautious exercise. All dishes were well prepared and rich with flavours. Staff members did not speak English, but hand signals did the job.Lao Jie Yilóu Shiyé is a huge and crowded restaurant with an enormous choice of fine Huizhou dishes. Not to be missed for their fine Huizhou food. Recommended.

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2. Long Hua Shi Fu

TunXi District JiChang Avenue LongJing 45, Huangshan China Chinese

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1. Zhuang Yuan Shi Fu

HaiYang Town SongLuo Road 5, Xiuning County China Chinese +86 559 751 1717

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